nba竞猜官网:一名嫌犯在美国加州枪击案死亡现场画面 对峙仍在继续



中国日报网12月3日电(小唐)据美国《每日电讯报》报道,当地时间12月2日,相关美国西雅图枪击事件最新动态说明,警方跑到在逃跑嫌犯所乘的SUV车,彼此再次出现了显卡交火,有一名嫌犯早就丧命,但是僵持仍在圣贝纳迪诺县的一条街道社区上不断。廷伸阅读者:美国奥巴马就美国加州的枪击恶性事件表态发言 督促完善控枪法律法规嫌犯的轿车停在了街道社区中。在圣贝纳迪诺县的一条街道社区上,警方与嫌犯的僵持仍在不断。嫌犯所乘的灰黑色SUV已停住,车体剩是弹痕。


One suspect “down”, police frantically call for medical aidThe suspect’s black SUV has now been stopped, with one suspect in custody or otherwise incapacitated. Unfortunately, police are calling for medical aid as at least one officer appears to have been shot.A witness has said that another suspect fled on foot.”We’ve definitely got one in the vehicle and another in the streets,” one officer could be heard saying over the police scanner.An armoured vehicle is en route to assist police with the operation.21:10 BREAKING: Police in pursuit of suspect’s vehicle, shots firedAccording to the police scanner, a car chase is underway between police and multiple suspects. It appears that the chase is related to the earlier shooting.”Two units are taking fire,” a police dispatcher could be heard saying.”We need a gurney,” an officer replied.Another officer said, “it looks like we’ve got one suspect in custody.。

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